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Acne Causes


When hormone levels are out of whack, skin oil production can go into overdrive causing acne to develop. This is one of the major causes of acne, especially in females. The relationship between the skins glands and hormone levels is significant. Try to keep a balance by avoiding stress, using relaxation techniques, avoiding caffeine and taking regular exercise.

Diet is also one the most talked about causes of acne- Foods that cause acne are also the foods that cause acidity. These include all types of diary products, refined and processed carbohydrates such as flour and sugar, cooked fats such as in fried foods and red meats. If you really want to get rid of acne you need to eat less acidic foods are more alkaline foods. These include fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Having an over acidic body is like rotting your body from the inside out. The correct pH level is imperative because without it, your skin and your health will never flourish. A diet without all of the above may seem impossible. Our ancestors never use to suffer from health problems such as acne. Why? Because they didn't leave in a modern consumer society that lives off fast / junk foods. If you're prepared to make the effort a good healthy diet is not impossible. Once your body gets use to good food, you will hate the sight and smell of bad food.

Harsh skin care products can also be one of the many causes of acne. Many products that are sold for the treatment of acne actually make matters worse. Why? Because many of these products contain compounds that dry the skin out. When the skin is dry sebaceous glands within the skin produce extra oil in order to compensate. This leads to blocked pores which of course lead to acne! Beware of what you use and keep it simple, keep it natural. Also drink plenty of water to prevent the skin becoming dry from the inside.

Improve Your Eliminations Take one teaspoonful each morning for five mornings, then leave off for five days, and then begin again. Continue this for three or four series and monitor your results.

Here's an odd suggestion but one which was mentioned frequently in the readings. To aid the kidneys and bladder in the elimination process, obtain some plain Coca-cola syrup (which is a natural diuretic) from a health food store. Take a teaspoon of this syrup mixed in a glass of plain water three times a week.

Consult with Your Osteopath or Chiropractor The focus of the adjustments should be to aid the coordination of the superficial and deeper circulation which is often disturbed in people suffering from acne problems.

Wash Twice a Day Bathe the affected area thoroughly twice a day with a natural Castile soap or genuine Black and White soap.

Control Your Diet Eat a diet which consists primarily of vegetables, with small quantities of fish, fowl, and lamb. Avoid all fried foods, carbonated drinks, sweets, pork, and red meat. Limit starches to one per meal.

Two Almonds a Day One reading suggested eating two almonds a day to avoid blemishes. This simple suggestion is certainly worth a try!

Acne Lotion The first step in making this lotion is to add camphor to olive oil. Do this by heating four ounces of olive oil, then add one ounce of natural camphor crystals (add cautiously so as not to spatter the mixture and burn yourself). Then, combine the following ingredients in the order given:

Camphorated olive oil 2 oz
Witch hazel 1 oz
Russian White Oil 1 oz

Shake this lotion well (it will separate while on the shelf) and massage into the skin twice a day.
Many may find it odd that an oil-based substance is Suggested to combat acne. But such therapy makes sense. The massaging of the skin with a camphorated oil mixture will stimulate the circulation-which will, in turn, assist in the breakup and elimination of toxins in the system. Remember, Cayce pinpointed poor circulation and poor elimination as major culprits in the creation of acne.

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