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Here you will find tips to cure and treat Hair Loss at home, information about Hair Loss, its causes and other treatments that might be effective.

Hair is found in all areas of the skin with the exception of a few areas such as the palm of the hand, the soles of the feet and lips. It has biological as well as psychological Junctions, though the former is seldom appreciated. Read More

Genes determine the shape of our hair, its colour, thickness and density and how fast or long it grows. The genes that control these characteristics are inherited from each parent. Read More

As we learned earlier, the hair root is found at the base of the follicle and is located in the dermis layer of skin. Capillaries, which weave throughout the texture of the dermis, deliver a crimson stream of nutrients to these sites. Read More

Male pattern baldness is a form of baldness which affects most men and some women. It is also known as common baldness or androgenetic alopecia, a name which suggests it has something to do with androgens and genes. Read More

This condition affects about 0.1 % of the general population and appears suddenly as one to three bald patches. There are usually no symptoms and the person may be unaware of the hair loss until this is pointed out to them. Read More

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