Natural Athlete's Foot Care Information, Treatment, and Products


Athlete's foot is much more than a little germ lurking in the locker room. According to Cayce, poor eliminations and poor circulation to the lower limbs contribute to the life of this fungal infection.

If you suspect "athlete's foot" is the cause of your discomfort, the readings gave some helpful advice.

Consult with Your Osteopath or Chiropractor Visit your osteopath or chiropractor to obtain treatments that will eliminate any disturbances of the nervous system and the circulatory system, particularly as they function throughout the lower extremities.

Improve Your Eliminations Be mindful of the advice in preceding notes regarding your eliminations and supplement your efforts with an evening drink of Mullein tea, which will improve the removal of toxins from the system.

Watch Your Diet Be sure to adhere strictly to the alkaline-reacting diet as described in preceding notes. A refinement to that diet, however, which will help you improve your athlete's foot condition, is to concentrate more on vegetables and eat fewer fruits and legumes.

Foot Rub

The following special oil rub was also recommended:

Russian White Oil 1 oz
Witch hazel 1 oz
Sassafras oil 1 oz
Pure kerosene 1 oz

Begin by measuring out the Russian White Oil and then add the next three ingredients. Shake the mixture well and massage into the feet and ankles.

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