Natural Blackheads Care Information, Treatment, and Products


Blackheads are plugs of dried oil which form in the skin's pores. As with acne, Cayce stressed the importance of keeping the elimination and circulation properly balanced to help prevent and correct blackheads. Preceding notes offers guidelines for accomplishing these ends. Additionally, the following simple and safe therapy for the removal of blackheads was recommended:

Apply a warm Turkish towel (not hot, not steaming) to the affected area and leave on for approximately eight to ten minutes. Afterwards, rub your face thoroughly with pure Castile soap. Follow this with cold cloths for One or two minutes, until you've applied them three or four times. Then, pat the area firmly and vigorously until circulation to the area has been restored. Do not use any creams or face powders after this application because this might add to the blockage of the pores.

Calluses, Corns, And Bunions

According to the readings, these painful sores are the result of eliminations being thrown out in improper directions. The following therapy was prescribed:

Prepare a paste of baking soda or bicarbonate of soda, dampened with spirits of camphor. Bathe your leg from the knee down with olive oil. Then, massage the paste into the area for three to five minutes and cover with a thin, light cloth overnight. You will probably experience sharp little sensations and soreness in the area even after several subsequent applications. But after five to ten days of applications or when the soreness has gone away, use equal parts of olive oil (1 tbsp.) and tincture of myrrh (1 tbsp.) as a massage compound on the area until the skin looks smooth and healed. Heat the oil first, then carefully add the myrrh. Make only enough for one application

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