Natural Dry Skin Care Information, Treatment, and Products


We all know what dry skin is and how it feels. One suggestion made in the Cayce readings stands out above all the others: apply peanut oil as a lotion to the area. Should there be continued irritation or a prickling sensation from the oil, add ½ to 1 teaspoonful of dissolved lanolin to the oil.

A special exercise was given for those people with dry hands and skin. The readings indicated that it would aid the body in assimilation by stimulating the gastric flow. Although this exercise was described in preceding notes, it warrants being repeated here.

Stretch the arms above the head and reach as high as you can or, even better, grab hold of a bar or other structure that you can safely swing from (the readings suggested a tree limb!). Hold on, relaxing your body, not your grip! Stretch or swing like this until you feel the tension leave your body. Repeat this regularly, once or twice a day. It will aid the body in digestion and assimilation.

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