Natural Poison Ivy Care Medication Information, Treatment, and Products


Anyone who has had poison ivy knows how maddening the persistent itch can be. The readings recommended Atomidine as a remedy taken in the following manner: one to two drops in half a glass of water in the morning for four to five days. Then discontinue.

In addition, prepare a weakened solution of Atomidine-one teaspoonful to half a glass of waterand sponge off the infected area. This is soothing and will help dry up the rash.

As is the admonition for almost all skin disorders, take a good eliminant. This will help flush the system of poisons which, because of disturbances from the rash, will accumulate in the superficial circulation. Eno salts is a recommended remedy. Take one teaspoonful in a glass of water daily for eight to ten days during the itchy siege.

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