Natural Sunburn Care Information, Treatment, and Products


Sunburn results when overexposure to the sun's harsh rays causes a number of changes, including an extreme dilation of the skin's blood vessels. Hence, the redness and burning sensation occur. The readings specifically advised staying out of the sun between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Cayce offered several remedies for sunburn.

Don't Press Your LuckFirst and foremost, do not stay out in the sun. If you burn, whether you're on vacation or not, do not expose your skin to further damage. This is common sense-but unfortunately not common practice until the burn is so severe that the sun becomes unbearable.

Pure Apple Cider Vinegar After taking a lukewarm bath, rub your body down with plain, pure apple cider vinegar. This natural remedy will help soothe the pain of the burn.

Glyco- ThymolineApply pure Glyco- Thymoline to the burned areas for relief of pain.

Vaseline If rough spots appear as a result of a burn, wash the area with a mild soap and then apply Vaseline to the affected area. Repeat until the condition is improved.

Spirits of Camphor In the event that there is a more acute rash or outbreak, apply spirits of camphor directly to the area with a sterile cotton ball. Wait an hour or two, then take a tepid bath, followed by a rubdown with pure peanut oil.

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