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Here you will find tips to cure and treat psoriasis at home, information about psoriasis, its causes and other treatments that might be effective.

Psoriasis is a common, persistent or recurrent inflammatory skin disorder in adults, whose cause is unknown. It seems that there is a strong genetic element, although this is not evident in every case. Read More

Ordinary scaly psoriasis and a form of pustular psoriasis can affect the hands and the feet. It isusually the palms and soles that are involved. Although these may be the only sites affected, the resultant disability can be quite out of proportion to the extent of the disease. Read More

Unless there are many large patches of psoriasis it is not usual for the chronic plaque type ofpsoriasis on the body or limbs to interfere much with work. The individual patches are sometimes sore but apart from the occasional cosmetic difficulty they should not cause problems with an occupation. Read More

When there are just a few plaques, very little more than the rubbing in of whitesoft paraffin (Vaseline) once or twice a day need be recommended. Other emollients may be tried - in general, the thicker and greasier they are the more effective they are.
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After discharge from hospital a patient with severe psoriasis may still be receiving treatment with methotrexate, etretinate (Tigason) or PUVA and it is important to mention some of the questions that the practitioner may have in relation to these. Read More

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