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Acne rosacea is a skin condition characterized by reddish discoloration of the facial skin, particularly in the area of the cheeks, forehead and the nose. It is usually found in fair skinned adults, and is often mistaken for acne. The tiny blood vessels under the skin dilate and give the appearance of "blushing". While pimples may occur with acne rosacea there are no whiteheads or blackheads. At first the redness may come and go, but if untreated it will continue to worsen, with pimples and permanent flushing of the face. Extreme cases of acne rosacea that have not been treated can lead to disfigurement of the nose and puffy cheeks. Cosmetic surgery is the only way to repair this severe damage. Acne rosacea may also cause a gritty feeling in the eyes that, if not treated, can lead to impaired vision.

Rosecea should not be confused with normal acne and hence the treatment is different as over the counter drugs that help acne don't have the same effect on Rosacea. So it should be treated differently. For this it is best that you contact your dermatologist to work on your skin problems. You should also have the knowledge on the things that aggravates the problem in the case of Rosacea there are certain things to avoid which are:

Exposure to the Sun:

Exposure to the scorching sun would only help in getting your Rosacea problem worse. So it is imperative that you avoid sun or wear the necessary sun blocks to keep the sun from penetrating through your skin.


Nothing good ever comes out of smoking, so try to quit it as it is observed that smoking plays a part in spreading Rosacea. If you cant quit it minimize it to an acceptable level as you are not doing anything to help your skin or lungs.


Alcohol consumption also plays a part in helping Rosacea flourish so try to avoid or minimize it.

Spicy foods:

Frequent use of spices not only gives you heart and stomach problems but also play a part in Rosacea so try to keep the spices in your food to an acceptable level.

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