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Contact Dermatitis


Dermatitis is a form of allergy that inflames the skin. Contact dermatitis is the form of dermatitis that is caused by the contact on the skin by an alien substance. Usually the part affected form rashes.

The things that cause contact dermatitis in people include "poisonous" plants such as certain foods which have a reaction in certain people, poison ivy, some metals especially nickel, cleaning solutions like detergents, cosmetics made of some material, perfumes with certain chemicals, industrial chemicals, and latex rubber.

Contact Dermatitis Causes

There are two different types of contact dermatitis namely allergic and irritant.

Allergic contact dermatitis:

Like all the other allergic reactions, allergic contact dermatitis results from the non acceptance of the immune system. This is often caused from animal or vegetable protein. In due time the body produces antibodies against the allergens called immunoglobulin E. this then occupies the body and the body and the next time you face it causes the rash. This type of reaction is external rather then internal. If you seem to react the first time you are exposed to an agent, you probably were exposed before without knowing that you were.

Major Sources:

Poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, hair dyes or straightners; nickel, which is found in jewelry and belt buckles; tanning agents in leather; latex rubber; and citrus fruit are the well known culprits.

Irritant contact dermatitis:

On the other hand irritant contact dermatitis results from coming in contact with a substance that damages your skin directly. The more the skin is exposed to the substance the more it is damaged by it.

Major sources:

Strong Harsh chemicals, including industrial cleaning products and solvents, can cause this condition. Household cleaners such as detergents can also cause dermatitis.

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