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Stasis Dermatitis


"Stasis" is a Greek word meaning "the posture for standing" or being still. Stasis dermatitis is a skin irritation caused by circulatory problems(blood being still around the abdominal region) and is situated on the lower legs.

Stasis dermatitis is a common inflammatory skin disease with chronic venous insufficiency with venous hypertension. This skin condition normally affects people in the later stages of their life, but in some very rare conditions it may occur before the age of fifty. Although stasis dermatitis is not nearly as prevalent as skin cancer, dermatophytosis, or xerosis, stasis dermatitis affects a significant proportion of the elderly population. Some studies have estimated the occurrence of stasis dermatitis to be six to seven per cent in patients older than fifty years. These stats show that stasis dermatitis in not that uncommon a problem with about 15 to 20 million patients suffering from this disease.

Sex preference:

The chances of a female getting stasis dermatitis is slightly more then their male counterparts this is because of the fact that pregnancy results in significant stress on the lower-extremity venous system, with many women experiencing earlier and severe derangement of lower-extremity valvular function.

With Age:

The risk of developing stasis dermatitis increases as you age starting from 6-7% of patients who get this in their 50 to about 20% in people older then 70 years. As the average age of the population is steadily growing there will be many people with this problem in the days to come.

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