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Here you will find complete information about Spider Veins, its causes, types and treatments that might be effective in curing your Spider Veins.

Spider Veins are small blood vessels near the surface of the skin and usually measures only a few millimeters (1-3mm). They can develop anywhere on the body but generally it appears on the legs and near the ankles. Read More

The exact causes of Spider Veins are unknown. In some cases, the blockage or weakness of valves in the veins, while preventing the backward flow of blood away from the heart, may hinder the normal blood circulation eventually causing weaknesses in the veins. Read More

The most common causes of generalized Spider Veins are heat, humidity, and exercise. However, a systemic disease may also be a cause of generalized Spider Veins; therefore, the physicians must look for an underlying disorder. This type of Spider Veins usually occurs in adults. Read More

Such as diazepam, a tranquilizer used to relieve anxiety and relax muscles may have an ameliorating effect for patients whose Spider Veins is related to specific anxiety producing events such as appearing in an interview. Read More

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