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Gential (Genital) Warts Information, Treatment, and Products


Here you will find tips to cure and treat warts at home, information about warts, its causes and other treatments that might be effective.

Warts are due to virus infection of the epidermis and are contagious. The viruses responsible are different antigenic types of human papilloma virus. Warts are among the commonest of disorders and luckily rarely cause any significant threat to health. Read More

Ordinary viral warts are extremely common. Most people have had, have or will have these small viral turnoUTs. Fortunately the great majority disappear spontaneously within weeks or months. Read More

Pigmented lesions present particular problems. Several studies have shown that even the most experienced dermatologist makes mistakes when it comes to differentiating the various pigmented lumps and bumps. Read More

Warts on the soles of the feet tend to develop callosities over them and become painful. These should be pared down carefully or scraped with a pumice stone and a salicylic acid preparation applied. Read More

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